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Making Memories for Baby’s First Christmas

Making Memories for Baby’s First Christmas

With the holiday season just around the corner we thought it would be the perfect time to share some of our favourite ways to create beautiful memories with your little one, as you celebrate your first Christmas with them. Here are some fun, free and creative ways to make memories that you will always be able to look back on:

  • Personalised Baby Ornaments: Get arty decorating a Christmas ornament with your babies’ name and date of birth. As your child grows older you can make this a special tradition, with them looking back at it every time you decorate your Christmas tree. The Christmas Cart also offers personalised ornaments if you don’t have time to decorate them yourself.

  • Visit Santa: An old favourite, but one that has definitely stood the test of time. Having your little one pose for a picture on Santa’s lap is a memory that parents always look back on with fondness. Snap a picture that will stay in the photo album for eternity. Your local shopping centre will have a Santa stationed in the lead up to the big day.

  • Custom Baby Holiday Cards: Share your newborn baby with your friends and family across the world. Design and print this year’s greeting cards adorned with a picture of your little bundle of joy - Extra points if they are wearing an adorable Christmas themed outfit. Apple Print is a great way to help you put your greeting cards or photo albums together.

  • Their own Christmas Stocking: Make sure your baby gets their own personal Christmas stocking to store their Christmas gifts for years to come. You can even get creative and embroider it yourself, creating them a memento they can treasure for life.

  • Create a new family tradition: Every family loves a time-honoured Christmas tradition they look forward to every year. From writing letters to Santa to signing carols, these are all things we look back on with warm nostalgia. What better time to start a new one, now you have a brand-new darling in the house.