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Owlet brings a good night’s sleep to UK parents

Revolutionised technology tracks sleeping babies’ heart rate and oxygen levels to bring parents peace of mind.

Owlet Baby Care today announces its UK launch, introducing the revolutionary Owlet Smart Sock 2. UK parents can now access cutting edge ‘pulse oximetry’ technology in their own home to track their baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels unobtrusively, while baby sleeps.

The Smart Sock is worn comfortably on a baby’s foot while the baby sleeps. The Smart Sock sends notifications via a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) base station to the parents’ smartphone, making it easy to check if their baby is sleeping soundly. If a baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels deviate outside of pre-set levels, parents are notified by the base station and the Owlet app.

“As parents, we understand the joy, excitement and challenges that come from having a new baby. Knowing what your baby needs and when they need it is a cause of stress and anxiety for most new parents,” said Owlet CEO and co-founder, Kurt Workman, who is the father of three young children. “Our technology delivers proactive insights into your baby’s wellness. The Smart Sock helps provide peace of mind, and a better night’s sleep for all.”

Workman was inspired to develop the Smart Sock as he and his wife prepared to start a family, knowing his wife carried a hereditary heart condition. “Given the advancements in today’s technologies, I knew there had to be a better way to watch over our babies while they sleep,” he said.

Owlet takes proven pulse oximetry technology and makes it appropriate for, and accessible in, the home. The Smart Sock is wireless, wearable and comfortable.

Since launching in 2015, Owlet has taken the US market by storm, selling thousands of Smart Socks over the last three years. Currently sold in the US, Canada and Australia, the UK is the next market for the Smart Sock.

Hazel Nicol, Edinburgh-based mother to Hannah, comments: “The Owlet Smart Sock has given us a huge comfort in the first year of our daughter’s life. As new parents, we were always checking the app to know she was okay whilst she was sleeping. Even when she was in the same room as us in the first six months, we would check the app so we wouldn’t disturb her. We have used it consistently every night since she arrived. It really does give a peace of mind which is priceless.”

UK availability

Retailing at £269, Owlet’s second generation Smart Sock is now available to pre-order on https://owletbabycare.co.uk


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About Owlet Baby Care

Owlet Baby Care was founded in 2013 by a team of passionate parents who wanted to bring themselves and other parents around the globe peace of mind and assurance by developing a monitor that tracks a baby's oxygen and heart rate. Using pulse oximetry, the same proven technology used in hospitals, the Owlet Smart Sock is designed to send notifications to the Base Station and via Wi-Fi to a smartphone, if baby's heart rate or oxygen fall outside a preset range.

The Owlet Smart Sock was named as the: Best Wearable Monitor by The Bump, Best Baby Monitor by What to Expect and 2018 BabyCenter Moms' Picks Winner for baby monitor.