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Medically-certified Dream SockTM provides caregivers with a deeper understanding of their infant’s safety and well-being through real-time health readings and timely notifications when their baby needs their attention.

The Owlet Dream SockTM smart baby monitor CE Marked under EU MDR offers parents the ultimate peace of mind.

Dream SockTM is the medically-certified smart baby monitor to offer Live Health Readings and Health Notifications for use with healthy infants between 0-18 months, 2.5-13.6 kg.

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Track Live Health Readings

View and track your baby’s pulse rate, oxygen, wakings, and sleep trends from anywhere and in real-time via the Owlet Dream App.

Know When You’re Needed

If your infant’s health readings fall outside the preset ranges, you’ll be notified in real-time through lights and sounds on the included Base Station as well as in-App notifications.


  • How does Dream Sock work?
  • Dream Sock uses advanced sensors to monitor your baby's pulse rate, oxygen saturation level, and sleep patterns, and sends this data to the included Base Station and the connected Owlet Dream App for real-time updates.
  • Is Dream Sock safe for infants?
  • Absolutely. Dream Sock is a certified medical device, CE Marked under EU Medical Device Regulations (MDR) . It has been certified by a Notified Body for use in healthy babies 0-18 months and 2.5-13.6 kg, and is designed with both your baby's comfort and safety in mind.
  • Can I track my baby’s sleep from anywhere?
  • Yes, the connected App allows you to monitor your baby's sleep from any location with an internet connection.
  • How do I know if the Dream Sock fabric sock fits my baby properly?
  • Dream Sock includes two sizes of fabric socks to ensure a snug and secure fit for babies between 2.5-13.6 kg.
  • What makes Dream Sock different from other baby monitors?
  • Unlike traditional monitors, Dream Sock provides parents access to detailed health metrics and notifications for when readings leave preset levels. Also, the product’s EU Medical Device Regulations (MDR) certification demonstrates that Dream Sock meets rigorous safety and effectiveness standards set by the European Union. Parents can trust in the quality and reliability of Dream Sock, knowing it has been thoroughly evaluated to provide safe and effective monitoring for their infants.
  • How does predictive sleep work?
  • Predictive Sleep uses historical sleep data of your baby and best practices for sleep based on your baby's age to recommend the next appropriate sleep window. Our Predictive Sleep Technology utilises neuro-protective sleep science and behavioral sleep intervention practices, also leveraging the sleep-wake homeostasis. The sleep-wake homeostat is driven by a sleep hormone that builds pressure until it reaches a tipping point, which causes sleep. This builds throughout the day, but for infants and children it builds more frequently and a daytime nap—or naps—are required. These naps can be 20 minutes to 3 hours long depending on the sleep your baby feels they need, the amount of sleep they previously had, how long they have been awake, age and their developmental stage.